Helpful Tips for Safe Online Dating

There are more and more people who prefer to get acquainted via the Internet every day. And it is not surprising, because it is simple, fast and convenient. But with the active development of modern technologies, the number of swindlers on the network has also increased.

Therefore, regardless of whether the acquaintance takes place in the real world or the virtual one, you must be careful and follow the safety rules This does not mean that you should stop all communication with strangers, delete your accounts on social networks or on dating sites, and not even think about expanding your circle of acquaintances or starting new romantic relationships.

So that a new acquaintance does not become another disappointment, we have prepared for you nine important rules, the observance of which will help protect yourself from online scams and avoid unpleasant situations.

Rule 1: Respect for Personal Safety
When registering on a dating site, make sure that your personal data is protected. To do this, you need to create a new email address that does not contain your first and last name. When communicating online with a new acquaintance, do not rush to give your phone number or home address.

Rule 2: Choose Serious Dating Sites
If you want to protect yourself from the illegal transfer of your personal data to third parties or search engines, register only on serious sites that have already proven themselves well. Such sites treat their users and their personal data responsibly, preventing leakage or disclosure of personal information.

Rule 3: Come up with a strong password
Social media, online dating, email, online shopping - a password is needed everywhere. If you are one of those people who use the same code for all occasions, try to fix it urgently. To make your password more secure, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and multiple numbers.

Rule 4: do not draw conclusions about a person focusing only on the information in his profile
There is a significant disadvantage in virtual dating - a person who does not want to show his true face can impersonate anyone. After all, no one will check the authenticity of information in the column "profession", "hobby" or "hometown". Perhaps the information that hooked you is indeed true, but you can find out only after talking a little. If, in the process of correspondence, you have doubts, the person showed himself not from his best side, or you even felt that they wanted to use you for selfish purposes, then immediately stop communication. If you still continue to receive obtrusive messages of unpleasant content or spam from a new acquaintance, inform the site moderators by writing to the support service. They will understand the situation and take the necessary measures up to blocking the dubious profile.

Rule 5: Safe Communication
Did someone write you a message or are you interested in one of the profiles, and you want to take the initiative and be the first to write to the person you like? In such a situation, it is better to use the internal correspondence system on the site, rather than personal e-mail. So, if communication ceases to bring pleasure, you can easily block a new friend, and he will forever lose the opportunity to contact you.